2018 Thanksgiving Feast

R&O Construction, The 3 Patriots, LLC, and Nellis Support Team are proud to have had the opportunity to spend time with the men and women of the 66th Rescue Squadron and 823rd Maintenance Squadron out of Nellis Air Force Base. We are so grateful for all that you and your families sacrifice on our behalf each and every day.

These fine warriors dedicate themselves to ensuring that their fellow soldiers are kept safe through their primary mission to oversee combat rescue operations across the globe. Were that not enough, they also maintain a secondary mission of providing rescue support for civilian agencies from their home at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Whether it is fellow soldiers on the battlefield or American citizens in peril, they are kept safer worldwide thanks to the efforts of these selfless patriots. The daily heroism demonstrated for their fellow soldiers and nation is an inspiration to all.

While there is nothing that we could ever say or do that properly repays their actions or expresses our gratitude, we continue to give our best to do so. The annual Thanksgiving Feast is one such effort to let them know that their fellow Americans recognize, respect and honor their bravery and sacrifice.

With nearly sixty turkeys and all the holiday dishes needed to accompany such a feast provided this year, we hope that Thanksgiving was made a bit merrier for these wonderful heroes and their families. We are honored to have served you for once and hope it made the holiday a bit more special. A sincere thank you to Sweet Smoke Q and Papa Nap’s Barbecue for their
hard work to provide this year’s Thanksgiving Feast to these patriots.

R&O Construction is proud to work alongside the 3 Patriots LLC and the foundations that they serve in honoring the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes in uniform. The That May Others May Live Foundation helps to provides immediate tragedy assistance, critical support and scholarships for the families of U.S. Air Force Rescue Heroes killed or severely wounded in operational or training missions. The Shane Patton Foundation works to memorialize the honorable legacy and ultimate sacrifice of its namesake and fellow soldiers of Operation Red Wings. Each year, these groups work together to host and promote events and initiatives which support and advance these objectives.

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