NST Mixer Leads to $460,000 Scholarship

Dear current and future Nellis Support Team (NST) Members,

I am Lt Col Corey Jewell and I am the Department Chair of the Aerospace Studies Department and the Commander of Detachment 004 at UNLV. The detachment was established in 2005 and this year we will proudly graduate and commission our 100th cadet!

I first teamed with the NST in 2013 and the NST was a great example of how the community can team with and support the Airmen here in Las Vegas. I have developed strong relationships with many of the members of the NST and those relationships have helped change the future for the cadets at UNLV.

Three years ago, the NST was the first group to step up when we started an Alumni Scholarship in the Aerospace Studies Department. The NST contacted us and wanted to donate $5,000 in 2015. This scholarship allows us to award one $500 scholarship every semester.

Earlier this year, we were invited to the semiannual NST mixer. That night two amazing events happened. One member of the NST personally gave $5,000 to the Alumni scholarship. Another individual, Mr. Edward Guthrie, approached me and said he knew of a local foundation that would love to hear about our cadets. Ed arranged a meeting with Kris Engelstad McGarry, a trustee with the Engelstad Foundation and I had the distinct honor to share with her the stories of the cadets and how they make us special. The Engelstad Foundation enthusiastically offered to fund a scholarship for three years, totaling $460,000!

We will never be able to thank the Engelstad Foundation or the Nellis Support Team for what they have done for the Aerospace Studies Department at UNLV. What I hope for is this will be the start of a relationship for the next 60 years. I believe this could amazingly be the start of what could make the detachment at UNLV a place where not only local high school kids dream to attend, it will make the Aerospace Studies Department and UNLV a top priority for young men and women all around the US.

While I’m not speaking as an official representative of the Department of Defense, or the United States Air Force, I can say that in my personal capacity I have witnessed great things from the NST during my time in the Air Force and the effects the NST can have on the future leaders of the Air Force will be seen for generations to come. If you are not yet a part of the NST, let me be the first one to challenge you to be part of something that is changing lives.


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