As the Las Vegas Valley grows, residential areas inch closer and closer to Nellis Air Force Base. But just how close is too close when it comes to civilian life coming into contact with military operations? As suburban sprawl encroaches on Nellis Air Force Base, missions and military exercises become more difficult to carry out.

While the area surrounding the Nellis has been empty for decades, the Valley’s rapid growth has led to the development of residential zones just south of the base. As a result, air flight plans have to be altered to avoid flying live bombs over civilian homes. As developers continue to push to use that land for residential purposes, it makes military exercises harder to execute, and raises concerns as to whether missions can be safely and effectively carried out at all.

At Nellis Support Team, we make it our mission to protect the land surrounding Nellis Air Force Base from encroachment. We work with city and county governments in an effort to keep the areas designated as commercial and industrial, or empty entirely.

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